Husband and wife now share New Year's Day B-days with daughter

CLEVELAND, OH -- It's safe to say that the members of one Ohio family will never forget a birthday. That's because they are all New Year's babies, including the newest addition.

Raheen Stover was born New Year's Day 1978. His wife, Giana, was born New Year's Day 1980. And now the couple's first child, a baby girl, was born yesterday.

"Just for two people to be born and know each other and be in love is a stat within itself on New Year's, and then to have the same birthday," said Raheen. "But then, like I said, to have a child on that day also, first child together, that's like a whole other stat within itself."

Dad says to celebrate next year, they'll each get their own birthday cake and they'll plan it out where someone celebrates on December 31st, then someone else on the 1st of January, with a third birthday coming on January 2.