Houston family brightens lives of children battling cancer

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Our Foti High Five heads inside a Meyerland home where a special operation is taking place.

It's a place where this family is turning kids into superheroes.

Samantha Wallace does all the hard work in a spare room in her home.

"We make the capes, we designed them, create the appliqués and create magic for kids," said Samantha.

Samantha's kids, Jack and Harper, pitch in where they can.

"They come up with the ideas for different designs on the capes. They help pick up the color combinations. They try them on. They are the Velcro testers to make sure the capes pull off without choking anybody," said Samantha.

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Little Ava Klein got her own cape in a time when she needed it the most, a time when she was scared and sick.

Ava was battling her biggest enemy - brain cancer.

"I feel like a superhero when I put it on," said Ava.

The cape gave, then 2-year-old, Ava all the best superhero powers she ever dreamed of and more.

"I just remember her flying and asking if wouldn't it be cool if I was running in the cape would go straight out like Superman," said Ava's mom, Lisa.

Ava used those powers to not only beat cancer but through the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, she won running medals.

Ava showed Eyewitness News the running medals that she had won each year at the foundation's Run of the Roses.

Stories like Ava's is what keeps Wallace and her kids on the production line.

So far they've custom made and given out about 5,000 capes and counting.

Along the way, Samantha's made those kids stronger and more courageous - when they walk through those hospital doors.

"To be able to give them that confidence with something as simple as a cape, that makes a world of difference," said Samantha.

Click on Marnie's Capes of Courage to learn more information about the foundation that provides superhero capes to pediatric patients overcoming difficult procedures and health challenges.

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