How to get your home ready for cooler weather

You might be all set for cooler weather, but is your home? These simple tips from AccuWeather will help get your household autumn-ready:

  • Clean out your gutters before winter. If they don't drain properly, a buildup of snow and ice could lead to costly repairs.
  • Fertilize your lawn so it has a strong base for spring. Your lawn will be fresh and thriving once all the snow melts away.
  • Drain gas from your lawnmower after the last use of the season. You don't want any harmful buildup in the tank, so be sure to store your equipment in a cool, dry place for winter.
  • Check your furnace system before winter comes. Clear your vents and filters or have a professional take a look at them.
  • Disconnect hoses, shut off the outdoor water supply and let outdoor water systems drain so that freezing temperatures won't burst your pipes.
  • Keep your winter tools ready. If you need new ones, don't wait until the first blizzard, when they could have already sold out.
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