Apartment complex's not-so-nice eviction goes viral

Sunday, July 22, 2018
Surprising eviction notice goes viral
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Residents have mixed emotions over their apartment complex's eviction notice.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee -- An eviction note at one apartment complex in Tennessee has gone viral and is drawing in mixed reactions.

A photo of an eviction notice shows a smiling emoji taking up most of the page, but the punchline to the joke is no laughing matter, according to residents.

"I feel like it's kind of embarrassing. It's a shameful situation for someone that is trying their best to make ends meet," resident Deadrick Flemming told WREG.

The post says "Guess who's moving?" and it follows with "YOU!" along with "we've called, we've texted, and sent emails so pay your rent or bring in those keys."

Since it was posted, the notice has been taken down and residents say some have moved out.

A reason some residents say they refuse to pay rent is because the complex refuses to make repairs.

"They are quick to put you out, slow to fix stuff," Flemming said.

Senior Director at the complex, Chastity Blackburn, says the approach may be bold but collectors have a process to follow.

"She does anything and everything she can to collect the money," Blackburn said.

Although residents allege the complex is not handling their business, the fact remains that it's not free housing and rent must be paid.