Sugar Land boy invited to dance on stage with Justin Bieber

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- Camaron Steen played football for five years. Until one day he told his grandmother he was only playing to please his parents. Word got back to them, and they decided he'd sit out.

"So I asked him since it's been football for the last five years, this year what do you want to do?" says his mother Karen Steen. "So he says I wanna dance. So I said OK. I enrolled him in his first dance class here at Dance Zone and we went from one hip hop class a week, to nine hours a week."

Two years and countless hours later of hip hop, tap and ballet, he got the envelope with the news he'd been waiting for: He was picked to dance on stage with Justin Bieber at the Toyota Center Saturday.

"I'm super excited to the point where I couldn't believe it," Camaron says.

We asked if he's nervous about performing in front of an arena full of people.

"A little bit. But I'm super excited."

This was a nationwide contest to dance with Bieber during his song "Children." Four kids from every city on the tour were chosen. Contestants had to learn the routine and upload a video. Karen Steen found out about it and Camaran decided on a whim to go for it.

"We were in a dressing room at a competition. So I literally held the phone up in the mirror while he rehearsed and learned the steps right next to me," she says.

In his audition video, he describes being bullied, but feeling like a star when he's dancing.

Karen Steen tells us she hopes this helps get Camaron's foot in the door.

"I want to move out to LA and become a triple threat: a professional dancer, actor, and model," he says.

While he's ready to get this show on the road, mom will be on the edge of her seat.

"I think I'm probably more nervous for him than he is. He's used to being on stage. Although this is a much bigger stage than he's used to," Steen said.

To follow Camaran on his journey to stardom, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @camaronsteen.
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