HTGAWM characters we miss the most

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The top 5 HTGAWM characters we miss the most (KTRK)

How to Get Away with Murder is famous for its unique storytelling, shocking twists and of course its murders. Every season of HTGAWM has shown us the murders of some of the most central characters through flash-forwards and flashbacks.

Some of these deaths fans took harder than others, whether by deed or person. This is our rankings of the killed HTGAWM characters we miss the most to the least.
  1. Wes Gibbins
  2. After months of fretting over who was under the sheet, it was finally revealed that our main character was dead. Wes was a beloved character from the beginning. While he wasn't always the bright-eyed puppy we met in season one, it was sad to find out he was gone.

  3. Nia Lahey
  4. While many fans love Nate and Annalise together, it hard to overlook the sadness of Nate's wife technical murder. Although she asked Nate to kill her as she suffered through a fatal cancer diagnosis, it was hard on the audience.

  5. Rose Edmond
  6. We've known from the first episode that Wes' mother was dead, but that didn't make the reveal of her demise any easier. Believing her son is dead, she stabs herself only for her son to walk through the door.

  7. Rebecca Sutter
  8. Fans either loved or hated Rebecca. Her relationship with Wes and friendship with Lila made her a sympathetic character. After the Keating 5 became convinced she killed Lila, they kidnapped Rebecca and put her on trial. While we later find out she wasn't a murderer, it couldn't save her. Bonnie killed Rebecca to protect Annalise and her other kidnappers.

  9. Lila Stangard
  10. Her murder started it all. Where would our characters be if Sam never ordered Frank to kill his mistress? How many other lives could have been saved?
  11. William Millstone
  12. While he wasn't a central character, his death turned the Keating 5 into Keating 6. Asher's father committed suicide after Emily Sinclair threatened to expose him for covering up his son's crimes.

  13. Emily Sinclair
  14. How can any prosecutor possibly measure up to Annalise? By playing just as dirty as she does. Sinclair used Annalise's classic tactics of lying, manipulating and black-mailing to try to take her down.

    After she began disparaging William Millstone, shortly after his suicide to Asher, he hit her with his car.

  15. Caleb Hapstall

  16. Michaela may not have the best taste in men. Her somewhat boyfriend murdered his parents and aunt before framing his sister and killing himself.
  17. Wallace Mahoney
  18. Wes' grandfather not only blackmailed his mother into killing herself, but also killed Annalise's baby. Frank killed Mahoney in front of Wes.

  19. Sam Keating
  20. Sam cheated on his wife, killed the woman he cheated with and tried to kill the woman that could prove it. Wes kills Sam in self-defense.

  21. Robert Winterbottom
  22. We may never see him before his death scene, but we knew all about why Bonnie wanted to kill him.
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