Staten Island's new fine dining restaurant has epically awful commercial

Making a local ad is tough. You're trying to sell your business for its value, while trying to engage with the audience in an unobtrusive way. Then you're running into every single production issue: script, lighting, sound, editing-- all of it is one major chore, and it can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. Though just because an ad doesn't live up to today's standard, doesn't mean it's not a masterpiece in its own right. This ad for Staten Island's new restaurant, featuring medieval era-inspired cuisine, deserves recognition for its incidental comedic genius.

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Though at times painful to watch, the ad for Staten Island fine-dining restaurant, Troy, is a must see for its sure marvel. While the ad incorporates intentional humor, much of the enjoyment comes from the unintentional failings made by the creators of the commercial. With the actor's heavy accent, poor audio-sync, awkward pauses and outlandish visuals, the ad feels directly inspired by the cult-classic, so-bad-its-good-again movie, The Room.

The ad is no joke, however, and Troy is a real restaurant that you can go to! Posting the commercial to their Facebook page to announce the grand opening last week, some commenters were confused as to the sincerity of the ad.

Though, the ad does appear to be working, as its creating some genuinely interested buzz about the place.

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