Teacher pens rap song to inspire students

CHICAGO, IL -- A Chicago teacher is determined to show his students that school is cool - and that working hard can be lots of fun.

Dwayne Reed, a first-year teacher, got creative when he thought about how to get his students pumped for the upcoming school year.

He decided to collaborate with local talent to write a rap song and shoot a music video, "instead of sending out the boring, old, 'Welcome Back' newsletter."

That music video, posted to YouTube last Saturday, had more than 36,000 views on Tuesday.

Mr. Reed used the song to share ideas about how he plans to make lessons memorable...

"It's my first year teaching, so it's all real exciting.
Got some ideas and I'd really like to try them.
Like making songs to remember what you hear.
We'll be learning so much by the end of the year."

...and stressed how important it is for the whole community to work together to help children succeed.

"Tell my friends and my peers, the parents and the students.
I'm ready, you're ready, we're ready, let's do this!
But absolutely no day dreaming. Working hard till the bell starts ringing."

I'll always greet you with a smile.
I'll always try to make the lessons worthwhile.
When you do good work, I'll acknowledge,
Because I know you're headed off to work or to college.

So we gotta keep it positive. That's the key.
Have respect for each other - and don't forget me.
Have respect for yourselves and the staff and the school.
Having fun can be cool when we're following the rules."

Good luck on your first year teaching, Mr. Reed!

Additional credit:
Artist: Dwayne Reed
Producer: Stevo Thompson
Director: Ty Gotham
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