"Rounding is my Rock": Music helping students learn the principles of rounding in math

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Music helping students learn rounding in math. (KTRK)

"Rounding is my rock!" In this day and age, it takes creativity to keep the attention of children, and with the help of music, it's happening at one elementary school.

Inspired my rapper Plies' "Rock" song, a Columbus, Ohio teacher decided to try something different with her students at Linden STEM Elementary School.

"I thought the beat and hook would capture my students' attention," teacher Jovone Houpe told ABC13.

Houpe, a teacher for 15 years, says the response from students have been pretty positive.

"I'm still in shock as to how many people showed interest," she said.

Her students weren't the only ones to notice the song. Plies shared the viral video on Twitter with a suggestion for Houpe to be "teacher of the year."

"Now this is how you (sic) teach math class," he posted.

Houpe says there has been improvement in math scores since she implemented the song.

"I want people to be aware of children's creativity and their ability to learn outside of the box when they are taught outside of the box," she said. "It's nice for others to be aware that rhythm and song are relevant ways to communicate and commit information to memory."

Houpe added that the students are already familiar with the music and dances associated with the song.

She says incorporating song and movement into learning is something she has always done.

"It's just kind of who I am, what I do everyday," she added. "Kinda like brushing your teeth. It's just what I do!"
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