Get up close and personal with wetlands animals in Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- In an area known for its refineries, it's sometimes easy to forget that Baytown was built on top of an environmental gold mine.

"Here in Baytown, we're surrounded by wetlands and we're trying to instill in the kids that come through that wetlands are an essential part of our ecosystem and we need to try to protect them," said Jina Faith, the education coordinator at the Eddie V. Grey Wetlands Center.

The Wetlands Center opened in 1998 to educate visitors of the habitat around them.

Visitors can touch baby alligators and other animals in a small touch pool.

"More and more wetlands are being filled in for industry or building homes," Faith explained. "We're trying to get people to stop and appreciate them for the jobs they're doing. We need them."

For more information on the Eddie V. Grey Wetlands Center, visit the City of Baytown website.

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