How the Dumpling Dudez are giving back during Pride Month

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Meet the Dumpling Dudez!
The Dumpling Dudez took a plunge and quit their corporate jobs to share their love of dumpling-making with others!

HOUSTON, Texas -- A husband-and-husband team known as the Dumpling Dudez are using their popular business in Houston's EaDo neighborhood to give back during Pride Month.

Chih Lin and Mike Dorsey took a plunge and quit their jobs in the oil & gas business in 2019 to pursue a passion. They started the Dumpling Dudez, offering ready-to-bake dumplings, catering and dumpling-making classes.

"Dumplings are a family affair," said Dorsey. "It brings people together. That's what we want to do. It brought our families together, it brought our friends together, and so we continue to try and bring folks together and bring that experience. It's really all about the feeling, you know, how do people feel once they feel once they finish one of our classes, or once they eat our dumplings or once they interact with us online? It's always about that feeling that we get and the community that we're trying to build with folks through dumpling making."

The Dumpling Dudez offer a variety of meats and fillings, from traditional to fun fusion flavors, for people to choose from during a dumpling-making class. They can shape dumplings into anything from roses to Yoshi Eggs and Baby Yodas.

They post many of their unique creations on Instagram, but also try to share their own personal and entrepreneurial journeys with followers, too.

"If you see us on social media, probably only about 10-percent of the time we post about products," said Lin. "The rest of the time is about our story. We want people to know you can be who you are, and you can follow your passion and be successful in life."

Throughout June, 50% of all proceeds from the Dumpling Dudez' Rainbow Store will benefit the Montrose Center's Hatch Youth program, which supports LGBTQ teenagers.

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