Alleged burglar leaves Facebook open on victim's computer

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- A Minnesota man will not be joining Mensa any time soon, because what he did while allegedly committing a crime is not what one would call smart.

The victim of the alleged crime, James Wood, told police he returned to his home last week to find it ransacked and several items were stolen.

He said then he also noticed that on his computer screen was a Facebook page belonging to one Nicholas Wig.

Police say Wig actually stopped to check his Facebook profile while committing his crime, and left if open.

So Wood left his phone number on Wig's page.

And who should text him but Wig himself.

Wood explains, "I replied, 'You left a few things at my house last night how can I get them back to you.'"

Wood had police waiting for Wig, who showed up at the house a short time later to get some other items he left behind.

Wood got his stolen items back and Wig is staring at 10 years in prison.
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