Veterans service organization jumps into action during Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian continues to inundate The Bahamas and threaten the eastern United States coastline, service organizations are already deploying to impacted areas, including Team Rubicon.

The global veterans service organization utilizes unique skills learned in the military during the most dire of situations. From debris removal to clearing paths for people and goods to flow freely between locations, the group offers a variety of aid on the ground and from a distance.

Team Rubicon's COO Art delaCruz said a team of volunteers was already en route to Nassau on Tuesday, even before the threat had passed.

"The pure endurance of it over the islands has been stunning," delaCruz said.

As the tropical system all but stalled over the Atlantic Ocean, it provided a window of opportunity for the volunteers ready to help.

"In some ways, its speed being slow has allowed us to carefully plan and position equipment and people to respond should it make landfall in the U.S.," delaCruz said.

"We've got people helping across the country that are helping remotely. They're standing by taking calls for distress, as well as calls for need."

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Team Rubicon has been around for nearly a decade, forming with just eight people after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The organization has grown to include 105,000 volunteers and has responded to hundreds of disasters, including Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

"Houston has always been a centerpiece of Team Rubicon's capital. We are actually still there rebuilding homes after Harvey."

You can help the non-profit through donations or volunteering. Explore Team Rubicon's website for more information.