Kids suffering from COVID-19 may develop unknown syndrome

Doctors want to learn more about a syndrome potentially associated with children suffering from COVID-19.

The condition is known as Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome or PIMS. Experts say it causes the immune system to overreact in a potentially dangerous way.

ABC13 spoke with infectious disease pediatrician, Dr. Michael Chang, with UT Physicians.

He said children account for only a small percentage of the total infections. Those impacted by this syndrome is even a smaller percentage.

"As more people get infected, we will see new and more types of symptoms because it is a completely novel virus. We don't actually know all the possible symptoms from COVID-19," said Dr. Chang. "The probability that any one patient is going to have this inflammatory syndrome due to COVID-19 is pretty uncommon. I still don't think it is something most parents should be worried about even if they develop COVID-19 infection."

Dr. Chang said the best way to protect your children during this pandemic is to practice social distancing and good hand hygiene.

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