Genius dad makes crazy wood inventions for his kids

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Monday, July 8, 2019
This genius inventor is the best dad ever.
Izzy Swan creates inventions made from wood that will blow your mind.

Izzy Swan is a maker, content creator, woodworker, welder, and about a dozen other things. He has gone viral multiple times for creating incredible inventions out of wood like a router jig Etch-A-Sketch and a remote control red wagon, which his children get to play with first.

Izzy has also used his platform to educate the world about woodworking and building.

"I want to create a community that inspires the next generation, that inspires the "what if" thinking when it comes to green technology, when it comes to just daily routine, stuff that we think about, stuff that we take for granted. If you're interested in making stuff, even if you want to make a bed, or a couch, or whatever, you look to this online community, there's such a knowledge base out there." He continues, "Don't let the 'I don't know how--' be the thing that gets in your way."