Video shows bridge made for wildlife in use by coyotes, bears and mountain lions

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Friday, November 27, 2020
Take a look at the wildlife on Utah's 'Critter Bridge'
Southern California officials have announced plans for a highway overpass for wildlife, saying that they aim to break ground in 2021. ABC7 has obtained some preview footage of what it might look like from Utah's equivalent "Critter Bridge."

PARK CITY, Utah -- Utah officials are seeing success with an overpass bridge meant to keep wildlife from being hit on roadways in the state.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources released video of its "Critter Bridge" this week.

All sorts of animals have been seen taking advantage of the car-free overpass over the past couple of years.

Surveillance video from the highway has captured bobcats, coyotes, deer, mountain lions, moose and even bears all using the structure.

The bridge was built in 2018 to also reduce the amount of traffic accidents. Officials said wildlife typically needs time to adjust, but they didn't think there would be such success so soon.

Officials are also planning to build a massive overpass for wildlife over Highway 101 in Southern California. They hope to break ground next year.

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