Tiny Chihuahua hailed a crime fighter in Sunnyside neighborhood after scaring off would-be burglar

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A teeny, tiny dog is being hailed a crime fighter in one Houston neighborhood.

While he doesn't have a cape, he's got a serious bark.

A Ring camera captured the surreal sight last week at a house on Chesterfield Drive in Sunnyside. The footage shows a would-be burglar roll up on a bicycle. He's carrying a giant stick with him.

Within seconds, a little dog appears and goes after the wannabe crook.

Chester Wells is one of the property investors. His Ring app alerted him to the action. He then remotely triggered a loud alarm. The alarm scared the bad guy off, and the dog then chased him into the street.

"I'm thinking I'm not going to be able to ring the alarm fast enough before this person does any damage. Then out of nowhere, the dog comes racing around the corner. He engages the intruder, much braver than I would for sure," said Wells. "He deters him long enough or becomes as much of a nuisance as possible for me to go ahead and ring the app. I had to figure out how it works. Sure enough, as soon as the app ringed, the dog chased him right out into the street. I've never seen him since."

Wells said the dog is a stray. He doesn't have a name, but Wells said he's now going to call him "McGruff."

Wells credits the dog with saving him thousands of dollars in repairs. He said a few days after this instance, "McGruff" scared off another would-be intruder.

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