Couple wanted for allegedly trying to lure students into van in Cleveland ISD

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PUPPIES AND CANDY: A couple is wanted after several children said the duo tried to get them to climb into their van. (KTRK)

Parents in Cleveland ISD are on edge after several students reported the same scary situation involving a stranger.

A large white van with cardboard covering the license plate has approached several students and tried to lure them over.

Police said there is a white or Hispanic man with a dark beard and glasses, along with a woman.

They tried to get children to approach their vehicle by telling them they have puppies and candy.

Cleveland ISD Police Chief Rex Evans said the stories are credible because several children who don't even know each other describe the same incident.

Evans said reports of stranger danger often turn out to be false alarms, but this time it seems to be the real thing.

"These individuals who do this normally aren't necessarily trying to commit some type of illegal or immoral act. Unfortunately, though, there is so much consistency in the statements from all of these children that it leads one to believe that their motives are certainly illegal," Evans said.

The only thing the kids have in common is they live in the same general area of the Bellavista neighborhood off of FM 1010.

Police have stepped up their patrols. So far they don't have any suspects.
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