Rosenberg officers suspended for allegedly drinking on city property during Harvey

ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- Three senior police officers in Rosenberg have been suspended for allegedly drinking alcohol on city property following Hurricane Harvey.

Mayor Bill Benton says the officers were drinking inside the Rosenberg Police Department as flood waters rose.

The department says the officers were off duty but they're being reprimanded because city policy does not allow for consuming alcohol on city property.

"That's forbidden and it's not tolerated," said Rosenberg Asst. Police Chief Tracie Dunn.

She says the incident occurred early on Thursday, Aug. 31, when officers were working 12 hours on and 12 hours off in response to Harvey.

According to Dunn, the officers were on city property because streets were flooded and they couldn't get home. She said they admitted to drinking what she would only describe as "liquor." She would not say if they were drunk.

"That's, of course, part of the investigation, so I won't speak to that," Dunn said.

People finding out about the situation on Friday in Rosenberg say it doesn't bode well for public relations for the department.

"For them to be drinking while people need their help? That's pretty bad. That's really sad," said Vicki Mapp, who was visiting Rosenberg today.

Even if off duty, in time of emergency, many ask, aren't officers expected to be able to respond should they be called?

"Other cops that are really good? Makes them look bad too because y'all on one team. You aren't supposed to be doing that," said Rosenberg resident Brian Luna.

Assistant Chief Dunn says the officers are being held accountable. Each has been suspended for a week without pay. She declined to identify them.

ABC13 attempted to reach out to each of the officers but never heard back from them. They can appeal the suspension.

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