Conroe ISD bus driver makes neighborhood boy 'Official Bus Patrol'

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- Conroe ISD has an official bus patrol officer, tasked with keeping an eye on routes and chasing down a bus or two every day.

Little Jack is obsessed with school buses and demands to go outside just to see them pass by everyday.

According to his mom, Jennifer Bullard, Conroe ISD bus driver Mr. Hicks appreciated Jack keeping an eye on things so much that he gifted the boy a bus patrol uniform.

Bullard posted a photo of Jack in his uniform on Facebook, posed with Mr. Hicks. His uniform even has a large badge.

"Mr. Hicks is always so kind and will wave to Jack and will even let Jack chase down the bus to check out the cool ride after making the rounds through our neighborhood," Bullard wrote. "Jack got to wear his new threads and thank his friend, sweet Mr. Hicks. I mean, what a wonderful human this man is! I had to share because I am just darn thankful for people in the world like Mr. Hicks and his magic school bus."

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