New trend helping small businesses save money on office space in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The latest trend in Houston's small business community is called Co-working Office Spaces. That's where multiple businesses share rent-able office space in a larger complex minimizing the cost of permanent locations.

"When you're a start up, every dollar really matters," said CEO of Social Mama app Amanda Ducach.

Ducach is no stranger to the value of co-working office space.

"We did the math in the beginning. Literally the amount I was spending on three employees for coffee or lunch was exceeding the starting membership," said Ducach.

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She found deals that give access to conference space, small private offices and even amenities like snacks and coffee for as low as $100 a month.

"Co-working just made the most sense. You get all the amenities of a Fortune 500 space, but you're only paying for your small little desk," said Ducach.

Ducach found her location at Station Houston, one of the many co-working spaces to pop up in Houston. It provides her with flexibility without the long-term commitment.

"It's definitely the best way to provide your employees with the most bang for your buck from a corporate perspective," said Ducach.

While co-working not only provides a savings to startup businesses, it also provides a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and share ideas and encouragement. It's something Ducach found to be very valuable.

"What's so great is when you find an office space that has the right amenities for you. Mentors and Station Houston does a great job of doing that for you," said Ducach.

Commercial Real Estate firm JLL shared some interesting figures on co-working and flex-space offices in Houston.

"I don't even spend $1,000 a month, far less than that. So what we get in exchange is true testament to our success," said Ducach.

Co-working offices occupy about one million square feet of total office space in our area and there was a 69 percent jump in available flex-spaces between 2018 and 2019.

Another jump is expected next year.

Ducach does suggest to try out a space before you commit and read the entire contract before you sign. In general, co-working doesn't lock you in for a long-term contract unless you get a private office.

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