These photos of dogs on joyrides remind us to live in the moment

There are very few things that remind us to live in the moment like a dog riding in the car sticking their heads out the window.

Chris Becker compiled these joyous moments in his new book, "Joyriding: Canine Car Companions".

He says it was wonderful to see them in such a blissful state as he rode along with some friends and their pups.

He captured all of this canine bliss on the coast of Maine.

The next time you need inspiration to soak it all in, think of Rosie the Goldendoodle or Ivy and Monique the French Bulldogs.

And sometimes you just have to use the sunroof if you're tall like Moses the Great Dane.

To check out more photos from Chris Becker, check out his website and Facebook page.
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