Girl fighting rare disease gets surprise ahead of bone marrow transplant

Thursday, February 6, 2020
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Right before she's scheduled to have a bone marrow transplant, a caravan of tow trucks drove past her window to keep her smiling!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Addaline Dolson is a spunky little 5-year old, but she's not living the typical life of a child. She's spending it in the hospital.

"Her bone marrow does not produce blood, so she basically has to live off a donor's bone marrow," said her mother Chelsea Clampitt.

Addaline has Genetic Aplastic Anemia. However, she's making the best of it and keeping a smile on her face, despite the chemo, radiation, transfusions, and long hospital stays.

"I can honestly say I could never do what she is doing and she is 5 years old," said Clampitt. "I have never seen a frown or a tear fall from her eyes in the whole year we've been doing this."

On Thursday, Addaline is scheduled to have her second bone marrow transplant in less than a year.

Ahead of the transplant, the 5 year old will get a bright surprise.

Addaline loves tow trucks. Her father and grandfather both drive them. A caravan of tow trucks drove past her window at Texas Childrens Hospital to show their support for her on Wednesday night.

"Some of those people literally look at my daughter like she is their own," said Addaline's mom. "They would give the shirt off their back for her."

After a rough day of radiation and her last dose of chemo, Addaline was ready for the big show.

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