3-day wild hog hunt month after woman killed in attack

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Friday, December 20, 2019
Wild hog hunt underway in Chambers Co. park
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A hog kill is underway in a large Chambers County park, with a related tragedy still fresh on residents' minds.

As wild hogs continue to wreak havoc in neighborhoods across Houston, officials in Chambers County along with Texas A&M are working to get rid of the problem.

Wild hogs are a population that keeps on growing, and while extremely rare, they can attack.

Officials are also warning residents of the bright lights, loud noises and gunshot efforts used to get the wild hogs in the area under control.

According to the Chambers County Emergency Management's Facebook page, they will run the wild hog control until Friday, Dec. 20. The program is set to be conducted in the Double Bayou Park.

These efforts come a month after 59-year-old Christine Rollins died after being attacked by wild hogs. At the time, authorities told ABC13 Rollins was found by an 84-year-old homeowner she cared for.

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During the investigation, Cajun Bob Thornberry, who has been trapping and hunting wild hogs, gave us some tips.

He says if you have them near your property, you may want to put up an electric fence or call a professional. Thornberry also adds that people carry a gun and stay close to the trees in case they need to make a quick escape

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