CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cop caught sleeping on the job

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, Michigan (KTRK) -- A police officer in Michigan was caught on camera apparently sleeping on the job and that has some residents concerned.

The video has gone viral and shows a Dearborn Heights police officer in his squad car, with his head tipped back.

Some sources tell WXYZ-TV the officer is a 'serial sleeper.'

People are stunned when they see the video.

"Was it his break? I mean they do get a break, was there heat exhaustion, was it a medical emergency?" asked one resident.

Retired assistant police chief Steve Dolunt in neighboring Detroit, Michigan spent three decades fighting crime. He underlines an officer sleeping on the job does not look good for the Dearborn Heights Police Department.

"It looks bad. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It looks bad. It would look bad in any department. You always have to be hyper-vigilant. I'm not going to condemn the guy because I don't know the circumstances. But is it dangerous, sure it's dangerous," said Dolunt.

The Dearborn Heights Police Chief says he is taking what happened very seriously. He has ordered an internal investigation.
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