Free suits and career help offered to students, veterans and ex-offenders

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Career Gear Houston is helping men from ages 16 and up who are high-school students, veterans, ex-offenders or just simply need to get back on your feet. The program is designed to help you do it with free classes, haircuts, and suits!

"We offer services like free haircuts and head shots. We teach LinkedIn classes to understand how to use it to find a job," said Executive Director at Career Gear Houston Jamay Schardien.

Career Gear Houston offers three main programs:

'Well Suited' is for youth 16-24 transitioning from high school to the workforce.

'Rise' is for those coming out of incarceration looking for opportunity.

Mission Possible targets veterans like Joe Garcia.

"This organization is one of those steps that are out there that every man should know about if they really want to turn their life around. This is an organization that can help," said Garcia. "They get a suit for practically a promise saying that you're going to do better for yourself."

You get a suit that you're fitted into completely free of charge to help give the confidence you need to land that job.

"Once our clients have a job, we offer them a weeks' worth of free attire. That's really part of our sustainability track," said Schardien. "We don't want them to get that first pay check knowing they need to catch up on bills and have to go buy clothes for work."

Now, Joe is giving back to the program that gave so much to him.

"Being a veteran, I help out Mission Possible for other veterans. I'm one of the coordinators," said Garcia. "I reach out and let veterans know we are here to help you guys. I'm able to catch them before they do something worse and here to let them know this is here for you."

As long as you are actively looking for a job and you fall into one of the three categories, you can qualify for Career Gear's services.

You can find out more here.

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