Man uses billboard to try to land dream Disney job

One man is hoping a billboard can help his chances at landing a dream job at Walt Disney World.

Spectrum News reports Brandon Fox paid to put the sign up after having one unanswered application submitted after another.

The sign reads, "Dear WDW Executives & HR, experienced EA/PA Professional seeking a position as a WDW assistant." It also includes his phone number and email for his resume, and the hashtag #FutureWDWassistant.

"I've applied online, I check the site every 30 minutes and I apply right away, but unfortunately there are thousands of people who apply for those roles," Fox said.

Fox is actually a former cast member. He worked at the parks after high school as part of the Disney College Program.

"It's home for me, my first role out of high school, and (it) has always had that special feeling for me," he said.

He worked in entertainment in the Disney College Program before becoming a full-time employee. He eventually earned a degree from Valencia College and started a career as an executive personal assistant where he currently works in the sports industry.

It's a job he'd like to have at Disney.

The Florida native now spends much of his time at work in New York, where he first came up with the idea to put up a billboard while riding the subway.

Fox said he's hoping the billboard will catch the attention of Disney executives.

When asked about Fox's billboard, Jacquee Wahler, Vice President of Communications for Walt Disney World told Spectrum News: "We appreciate the creativity and encourage anyone interested in a role with us to apply at"

Job or not, Fox says the billboard is worth the shot, for him and perhaps others.

"If I inspire someone to take a chance and to think outside of the box, then it was worth it," Fox said.

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