3 high school students sick after eating laced Cap'n Crunch bar

PERQUIMANS COUNTY, North Carolina -- Several students at a Perquimans County high school were hospitalized after eating a marijuana-laced Cap'n Crunch cereal bar, officials said.

According to WVEC, Perquimans County High School Superintendent Matthew Cheeseman said a ninth-grader brought a "homemade Cap'n Crunch bar" to school on Monday and gave pieces of it to three students.

Cheeseman said one student got sick in the classroom and another experienced projectile vomit.

All three students were hospitalized but have since been released.

"I can't confirm if they knew it or not," Cheeseman told WVEC. "I would like to err on the side of caution and say they did not know."

The Perquimans County Sheriff's Office has charged the student accused of bringing the edible to school with drug possession and selling and delivering drugs.

The other students could face a 10-day suspension, 365-day suspension, expulsion, or other consequences.
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