Burglars steal 400 pounds of crawfish from seafood restaurant

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400 pounds of crawfish stolen from truck (KTRK)

As residents all over the south prepare for Easter weekend crawfish boils, one supplier in Baton Rouge is trying to keep up with high demands after thieves stole 400 pounds of crawfish.

Von Raybon owns Pit and Peel Crawfish Truck in Baton Rouge. He says a neighbor called him in the middle of the night after noticing sacks of crawfish scattered outside the restaurant.

"This year was probably one of the most tragic years for us," Raybon said.

The thieves broke into his semi-truck and got away with $1,200 worth of crawfish.

"We will endure. It is not going to close us down, it's just going to make us more aware of what's going on around us," Raybon said.
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