Woman creates 'thing' to stop the itchy irritation from bug bites

LOXAHATCHEE, Florida -- A Florida mom claims she invented a device that can suck out the itchy mosquito venom that typically leaves you scratching for a long time.

When Kelly Higney moved to Florida, she found herself unprepared for the mosquitos. At the time, she was a new mom and didn't want to use harsh chemicals on her newborn's skin.

Higney's product is called the 'Bug Bite Thing.'

"You get bit. You can remove the problem, which is the irritant under the skin," Higney said to WPEC-TV. "By doing that, your body doesn't continue to produce that reaction. So you're eliminating the problem, instead of masking it with creams."

The mother of two says after sharing this relief remedy with her family and friends, she worked with a manufacturer in Denmark and the product was created. She's selling it online at BugBiteThing.com.