Hurricane Harvey can't stop Buffalo Bayou Park's recovery in latest update

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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Buffalo Bayou Park gets cleaned up

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Hurricane Harvey can't stop Buffalo Bayou from springing back to life.

The 160-acre green space was submerged during the storm, with rushing water making staircases, street signs and lamps barely visible at one point.

Within days of Harvey, people returned to the park and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership was back at it, clearing debris and restoring the space back to the green sanctuary that so many Houstonians love.

The recovery hasn't stopped. The BBP says it's been busy doing some spring cleaning starting with the removal of sediment.

It still exists in some areas of the park and will be removed by the Harris County Flood Control District.

But to get a good idea of just how far the park has come since the storm, consider this. Sixty million pounds of sediment has been removed from the park.

The amount is enough to fill NRG Stadium 11 feet high. That wouldn't be ideal on game days for the Houston Texans, but it's a positive sign that the park is bouncing back.

A favorite spot for local pet lovers to take their furry friends is the Johnny Steele Dog Park. According to the BBP, changes are coming designed to improve the dog park's functionality.

The pond will be removed from the large dog park area and the lawn and entry portal will be expanded.

In the small dog park area, you can expect to see a new seating wall at the edge of the pond along with lawn expansion and new entry. Those changes should be completed by summer - perfect for lazy days with your dog.

We saw the damage Harvey left behind to homes, roads, businesses and more. But the storm also devastated trees.

In Buffalo Bayou Park, the storm left behind 400 dead trees. Now new plants are blooming in their place.

Prairie plants were installed on the north bank near the Rosemont Bridge and 400 native trees were planted.

If you prefer to wander through a garden on a nice day, head east of the park along Sabine Promenade. That's where you'll find a redesigned and replanted garden area.

Another aspect that park goers enjoy are the trails, which have been undergoing a makeover, too.

The BBP says the Harris County Flood Control District plans to repair trail failures in the following areas: northside bank near the Rosemont Bridge, southside bank below the Wortham Fountain and southside bank below the Beth Yeshurun Cemetery.

In February, a water main break caused a bridge on a walking trail to collapse. East of downtown some banks have eroded by 100 feet or more. A trail west of the Jensen Drive Bridge is closed for safety. The city is working on a plan for future repairs.

Notice that the waterways are cleaner? The BBP's field operation crew has removed debris, plastic bags and trash.

Despite the havoc created by Harvey, Buffalo Bayou Park has also continued it's regular activities such as boat rides and walking tours.

If you want to help with the park's comeback, you can add to the 2,300 volunteers who have given their time since August. Just email

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

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