GONE VIRAL: Photo captures bond between a bride and her service dog

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KTRK) -- A photo of a bride and her service dog has gone viral, warming hearts all over the world.

Valerie Parrott suffers from panic disorders and migraines. Her medical alert service dog, Bella, helps by alerting minutes before something happens.

"She's been trained to be with me and we've been together as a team for over two years now," Parrott said.

Her photographer says Bella was calming Parrott down during "a hectic, stressful wedding day making sure her heart rate is where it needs to be and anxiety isn't getting to be too much."

The two said they are still in disbelief that the photo has been shared and posted on Reddit at the top of the site.

"I never thought it would be this big. When I posted it, I thought this is a sweet photo of a girl and her dog. Val needs to see this. 35 I was amazed by the amount of attention it got from friends and family. I thought it was cool my grandma liked it so much let alone Mashable.com," photographer Maddie Peschong said.

Parrott says her life wouldn't be the same without her dog, Bella.

"With Bella and because of our partnership, I have been able to live my life to the fullest that I normally wouldn't have been able to have done," she added.
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