Missouri City girl has mission to give books to 1 million kids

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Tuesday, January 5, 2021
Missouri City girl has mission to give books to 1 million kids
Khloe developed a special friendship with Missouri City Officer Jessica Berry, which led to her nationwide effort to give away books to other children.

MISSOURI CITY, Texas -- Khloe Moutra first met Missouri City, Texas Police Officer Jessica Berry a few years ago. She noticed the officer's long braid right away but was too scared to say hello.

Khloe and her grandmother, Billye, visited the Missouri City Police Department and met with Berry. And from there, they developed a special friendship.

Khloe's grandmother wanted her to trust the police and go to them during an emergency, so she asked what officers could do to engage with kids.

She and Khloe came up with the idea to collect books and give them to police officers who could hand them out at community events and emergency scenes.

"My goal is to give 1 million books to 1 million kids!" Khloe said.

Khloe used her money that she had been saving to start a program called A Book and A Smile to give books to families who couldn't get them at libraries due to the pandemic.

Her program has grown, and she's been giving books to the Missouri Police Department and other organizations.

Her story got the attention of Disney. They loved it so much they gave Khloe 1,000 children's books to give back to other kids.