Houston man accused in workplace shooting out on $50K bond -- with conditions

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A City of Houston employee accused of gunning down his boss at work went before a judge Monday.

Authorities say Tyrone Auzenne, 43, had a fight with his boss right before the shooting happened.

Auzenne is out on $50,000 bond, which was the point of discussion in court. The prosecutor asked the judge to raise the bond and she refused.

The judge did set some bond conditions: Auzenne must wear a GPS monitor on his ankle, he has a curfew, and he cannot have any contact with anyone at the waste management facility.

On December 21, investigators say Auzenne shot his boss, Michael Vaughn, in the head, then put the gun in his gym bag, called 911, and waited for police to arrive. Auzenne was arrested immediately.

Prosecutors wanted to raise Auzenne's bond because they say his co-workers are afraid of him.

"I have spoken to people with the mayor's office who have indicated that this defendant had made threats, he has made good on those threats, and they are scared that he would return and do something else at the city of Houston waste facility," said Erin Epley, with the Harris County DA's office.

"He's basically a good, decent man and that's all I need to say," said Dick DeGuerin, Auzenne's attorney.

The prosecutor went on to say there's a "well documented" long history between Auzenne and his boss. That will likely come out in court as the case progresses.
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