Sanders says issues are his focus, not Hillary's emails

If critics are curious why Sen. Bernie Sanders does not attack Hillary Clinton over her emails, he says it's not his fight.

"There is a legal process taking place," Sanders says. "I do not want to politicize that issue. It is not my style."

The Democratic presidential candidate is neck and neck with the former secretary of state just as Iowa voters are set to caucus on Monday.

But even as the e-mail controversy that has plagued Clinton's campaign continues, Sanders says he's going to let the FBI and the Department of Justice deal with the issue.

"I go around this state of Iowa, I can't go to a meeting where kids do not tell me - not kids, middle-aged people - how much deeply, how much in debt they are in terms of student debt," Sanders says. "Or people who can't afford health care. Those are the issues that we're going to focus on."
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