Pest control experts fear 'super' bed bug may be in Houston area

Saturday, May 12, 2018
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Are bed bugs taking over Houston? Steve Campion has more.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston, there's a bed bug problem in the city.

Pest control experts told Eyewitness News the blood sucking insects seem to love southeast Texas. Steven Martin works as the training director for ABC Home & Commercial Services. He said around 2008 is when they first started receiving calls about bed bugs.

Martin said they now employ two dedicated crews who work six days a week, including two canines.

"That is a reality. We are seeing more and more bed bugs every day," said Martin. "I do know that a single bed bug left undisturbed for about six months, you'd have 31,000 bed bugs living in your room if you didn't do anything."

Martin said anyone who comes across a bed bug in their house should immediately call a professional.

Calvin Thigpen with Bugs Or Us Termite and Pest Control, feared a "super" bed bug might be taking shape. Thigpen said his crews continue to see bed bugs which appear to be growing resistant.

"We're finding that bed bugs are definitely getting resistant to chemicals. We're finding out that they're almost getting resistant to heat," said Thigpen. "We don't know why bed bugs are not responding 100 percent to heat like they used to. So now we're having to heat a longer period to make sure we're eradicating the bed bugs."