Parents warned of bed bug problem at Klentzman Intermediate

ByMarla Carter via KTRK logo
Saturday, March 5, 2016
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Bed bug warning for Klentzman Intermediate School, Marla Carter reports.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Leaders with Alief Independent School District are warning parents of an ongoing beg bug problem at Klentzman Intermediate School.

In a letter addressed to parents on February 19, Principal Courtney Holman says the school discovered the problem and began treating the area immediately.

Rose Sheppard says her granddaughter's classroom was infested.

"If they're metastasizing in the classroom and they're biting kids, they can bring them home in their clothes, in their hair," said Sheppard.

In fact, Sheppard's sixth grade granddaughter says two boys in her class just reported being bitten.

"A boy actually went to my teacher and told her that he has got bit," she said.

Alief ISD spokesperson Craig Eichhorn said the bugs have been found in three of the classrooms. The district has brought in extra cleaning crews but Eichhorn said the school needs help from kids at home too.

"It's just like lice. They start a home. They come to school. They're spread at school, then they go home and return another day but if you can break that cycle of returning from home to school it will go a long way to eliminating the problem," said Eichhorn.

Staff asked students not to bring their backpacks to school for a couple of days to help eliminate the problem. Eichhorn said it has help. Also, in a letter to parents, the principal is asking student to keep clothing and bags off their beds and upholstered furniture at home. Also, it recommends students place items in plastic bins.

It's also important to clean everything.

"You have to clean daily. It's a process because you don't know you can go home and start an infestation in your own house," said Sheppard.

Parents are asked to call Holman at (281) 983-8477 for concerns and any questions.