Woman stabbed to death trying to give panhandler money

BALTIMORE, Maryland -- A woman in Baltimore was fatally stabbed when she rolled down her window to give a panhandler money.

Police say Jacquelyn Smith, 54, walked into a hospital with a stab wound to her chest late Friday night. Doctors were unable to save her life.

Investigators tell WMAR-TV, Smith and her family were driving when they noticed a woman who looked about 20 years old. She was carrying a baby, or had something wrapped up to look like a baby, and was holding a cardboard sign that said, "Please help me feed my baby."

Smith, who was in the passenger seat, rolled down her car window so that she could give the woman some money and, at that moment, a man approached the car.

The male suspect then reached in to grab the Smith's wallet, which is when a struggle began. Police say the man stabbed Smith in the torso before he and the woman who was holding the sign ran away.

Police are now searching for the two people involved, and cautioning residents to be aware of their surroundings.