Simple, crafty ideas to get your home Astros ready

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Is your home ready for a festive Astros watch party? Don't worry if you said "no."

Here are some cheap and easy ideas to get ready to cheer on the 'Stros.

No baseball game is complete without peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

One cute and practical design includes brand new baseballs and a wide vase or bowl. Fill the open space with these classic stadium treats and you are all set.

Do you have an old baseball mitt lying around? Grab a bunch of bubble gum, in wrappers for sanitary reasons, and fill up the mitt. Now it's a perfect, simple centerpiece for any game-day watch party.

This idea is a little more time intensive, but it's cheap. Take a strand of Christmas lights and then pierce a hole in several ping pong balls. Use a red Sharpie to create the seams of the baseball. Pop the decorated balls onto the lights and you're all set. The lights will give your Astros party the perfect ballpark ambience.

Don't have a lot of time and really aren't that crafty? Take plain, white, square napkins and cut the corners to create the look of home plate.

You will seriously hit a home run with all of this baseball cuteness!

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Go 'Stros!

A 10-foot tall rooster, free hot dogs, head-shaving and pumpkin carvings: We've got all the World Series bases covered.

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