SWEET SIGN: Crowd signs 'Happy Birthday' to deaf Milby High School student

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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Crowd signs happy birthday to deaf Milby High School student
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Donielle Ryals-Gonzalez organized a heartwarming surprise to one of Milby's ASL cheerleaders.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For the Milby High School Buffs, football games are more than just a celebration of the sport.

During Thursday night's game against the Northside Panthers, Milby's cheerleaders and fans sang and signed the birthday song to one of their ASL students and fellow cheerleader, much to her delight.

Donielle Ryals-Gonzalez, an ESL teacher and cheer coach at Milby, said she taught the entire audience how to sign the song so they could join classmates in signing to the cheerleader.

"This was a proud coach moment," Ryals-Gonzalez said in a Facebook post. "Look at how she looks at me at the end."

Valkeith Winters, a colleague of Ryals-Gonzalez, added on his Facebook post, "One for all and all for one. One of our ASL students had a birthday tonight and the entire audience learned sign language to sign to her. What an Amazing night!!!"