Galveston woman searches for lost pendant that contains mom's ashes

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman in Galveston is desperately trying to find a piece of her mom that went missing while she celebrated Mardi Gras on the island.

On Feb. 22, Jean Skinner said she wore a pendant to the Mardi Gras celebration on The Strand. The pendant was filled with her mom's ashes.

"It's round, and it's blush and turquoise colors," Skinner said. "It had little grey specs in it if you were to hold it up to the light, and it's on a silver chain."

Skinner said during the celebration, she received so many beads, she removed them and placed them in a Trader Joe's tote bag. She didn't realize she placed her necklace in the bag as well.

Skinner said she left the bag on The Strand, and when she returned the following day, it was gone.

"I've gone in and out and asked if anybody had found anything," Skinner said. "I contacted everywhere that I remember going."

Social media has helped her pursuit. She's posted about the missing necklace on several Facebook groups. Skinner said strangers are now helping with her cause.

"I've had hundreds, and hundreds asking to help," Skinner recalled. "They're posting it on different sites."

Skinner's mom died four years ago. She wore the necklace to Mardi Gras because she said her mom would've wanted to go.

"I always liked to bring my mom on things that were fun and had jazz involved, because she loved jazz," Skinner said.

Skinner said the person who found the bag may not have realized what was in it. She's hoping the person sees her story and will reunite her with her mom.

"I don't care about anything else that was in there," Skinner said. "I just want my mom's necklace back."
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