'There's a need for this space': New exhibit reveals life experiences for queer artists of color

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Friday, August 12, 2022
Art exhibit documenting lived experiences of artists of color
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The curator of the gallery hopes the impacts of the exhibit will reach those who have not yet started to understand their narrative to be heard.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A new art exhibit has opened in Downtown Houston documenting the lived experiences of queer artists of color. The exhibition named "And Through Their Eyes Grow Thorns" features the artwork of seven painters from the Houston area.

The new exhibit was unveiled on Thursday.

Kevin Anderson, the gallery's curator, also leads the T.R.U.T.H. Project, an organization aimed at mobilizing LGBTQ+ communities of color and their allies through social arts to promote mental, emotional, and sexual health.

Anderson told ABC13 that the gallery is meant to be a safe space for a community that has been historically silenced and discouraged from self-expression.

"Right now, the time is important. There's a need for this type of space. We continue to experience social injustices where we're reminded daily through the media of what's happening in the world, our city, and our state," Anderson said. "When I thought of the title, I thought of a rose. A rose is beautiful, but it also has thorns. We remain guarded at times, and I think it's a part of our protection."

This is the second year for the exhibit after debuting in 2020. The gallery remains open to the public until Aug. 21 and is located at the Match Gallery at 3400 Main Street in Downtown Houston. All featured artwork will be available for purchase.

"Coming to exhibitions, I'll often meet what I could call a 'closeted' artist. Someone who hasn't come out or used their art to be a part of their storytelling. I hope the type of impact that this exhibit will have is to reach individuals who have not begun to understand that their narrative must be heard," Anderson said.

For more information or to find gallery hours, visit Match Gallery's website.

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