Victim opens fire at home invasion suspect who kicked in door


The attack happened at about 11:30am on Cancun at Stancliff in southwest Houston. Michelle Fisher was making food for her kids when she heard kicking and screaming at the back door. And she never expected what happened next.

With tears in her eyes, Fisher relives a scary morning of trying to protect her kids from attempted home invaders.

She said, "She was out here eating, and I had to grab her and we ran to try and get to safety."

The broken back door tells part of the story. As Fisher, her two youngest children, and her boyfriend were getting ready for their day, they heard screaming and banging from the back door.

"As I was getting to the stairs, I could hear the guys downstairs say search warrant, as if they were the police," Fisher recalled.

But the man entering her house was not a police officer. Instead, he had his face covered, and brandished a gun. But what he didn't expect was that Fisher's boyfriend also had a gun.

"The man of the house, he confronted the suspect in the hallway, the staircase, rather," said HPD Sgt. WD Chapman. "There was an exchange of gunfire, about three shots fired."

Nobody was hit, but after the gunfire, the suspect took off without stealing anything.

Sgt. Chapman said, "The suspect ran from the house and ran across the field, where he got into a waiting F-150 black Ford pickup, which looked fairly new."

Houston police are still looking for the suspect, described only as a man in his 20s or 30s, as well as his getaway driver.

As for Fisher, her new home suddenly doesn't feel so secure.

She said, "I've been here only one month, and this has happened to me. My whole back door is gone. My kids' safety has been jeopardized, and my safety has been jeopardized and I don't want to be over here."

Police are investigating, but since the suspect who one who broke in had his face covered, they don't have a very good description.

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