Which tablet is right for your student?


Remember when tablets were something that had paper? No more, they are high tech and high in demand, and students from college to middle school want them.

The Martinez kids are ready for a tablet computer their parents are finally giving in.

"We are comparing the differences between the small and the bigger and the Galaxy Note and the Tab 3," Fernando Martinez said.

The Martinezes are getting a Galaxy.

"The unique thing about the Galaxy Note series is that the tablet itself comes with a stylus, meaning if you write on the screen, you get exactly what you are replicating," said Marcus Buie with Best Buy.

That could make it easy to take notes in class. The Galaxy Note runs $297. If you like your tablet with a keyboard, check out the Microsoft Surface Pro.

"The Surface Pro is the true computer that is portable," Buie said.

The Surface starts at $349.

If price is keeping you out of the tablet market, consider the Nexus 7 from Google; it starts at $199.

"Full, complete touch screen functionality, camera on the front, camera on the back; very light weight, probably one of the lightest tablets we sell in the store," Buie said.

And it's probably no surprise, the iPad, which is tablet that started it all is still the most popular choice. IPads come in various sizes, and some versions are easier on the pocket book. The 16-gig iPad runs about $329.

The best advice for which to buy for your student comes down to size.

"If it is a young child, you don't really want to give them a large tablet. You want to make sure it is something that fits in their hand and is comfortable to pull it around," Buie said.

Tablets work well with Wi-Fi connections, so you do not have to get a cellular data plan.

And keep in mind if the device is for a student, you'll probably want to get protective cases. That can add another $50 to the initial costs.

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