Pickup driver strikes two teens in NE Harris County, killing one and injuring the other


A large group of teens was crossing Aldine Westfield at Mesquite Ridge Monday at about 10:30pm when they stopped in the center of the street. They say a GMC truck seemed to be coming right at them, causing several of them to jump into a ditch to avoid being hit.

"We was in the orange lane between the road and that's when the truck came full speed," said eyewitness Marquez Arnold. "Everybody tried to jump out the way to get to the other side. He was the last one and he -- boom."

Alex Jaguey, 15, was hit and killed. Rigoberto Resendiz, the boy's godfather, described him as a smart teenager and good student who got along with his parents and stayed out of trouble.

"Any father would be proud to have that boy because he didn't have any vices," he said. "There's no word that could describe a person like him."

Precinct 4 investigators are still trying to figure out why the truck slammed into the teens. Alex Rojas, 16, suffered a broken ankle and is in the hospital undergoing surgery. The driver has been tested for alcohol. The results are still pending.

The kids say they regularly cross the street while walking to and from local stores and had just done so minutes before the fatal accident. They are still in shock, unable to fully grasp what has happened.

"I couldn't sleep last night because you know when it happens in your eyes," Marquez said. "From TV you watch it, but in reality you see it with your own eyes. It wasn't right."

The driver has not been charged at this time.

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