Shooting victim tries to chase down suspect

February 22, 2013 2:53:02 PM PST
A fight leads to gunfire and then a chase. It all went down in a neighborhood in northeast Harris County on Friday, and wound up with the victim chasing the gunman.

Sheriff's deputies say it all started with an argument outside a home on Reads court. That turned into a car chase, with the bleeding man following the shooter.

Police were on the scene several miles and 20 minutes after an argument that ended in gunfire, in the 13400 block of Reads Court, around 9:30am.

Sgt. Gary Harrison with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said, "Upon units going in response, he called back and said he was following the suspect that shot him, and that led us into the city of Houston."

Neighbors near Reads Court remember hearing several gunshots Friday morning, and wondering what was going on.

"My dog woke me up cause I heard him barking, and I said, what's going on," recalled neighbor Steven Harris. "I just heard pop, pop, pop, pop. And I came out and everybody was gone, wasn't anything out here anymore."

Deputies say the victim, who was shot twice, chased the suspect along the north loop for several miles until they both exited. At that point, the victim lost the suspects, and stopped to tell a Houston police officer what had happened.

"The last known location of the suspect that shot him, he was driving a four-door brown Honda, and last seen exiting Homestead exit off the North Loop," Sgt. Harrison said.

The pickup the victim was driving was licensed to his stepmother. She doesn't speak English, but tells us her stepson is in the hospital and is doing OK.

Deputies say the victim is expected to survive. They say both of the bullets passed through him. They are still looking for that brown Honda, and the man who shot him.

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