Man shot to death during fight had violent history

January 30, 2013 3:21:32 PM PST
A violent confrontation in north Harris County ended with one man dead, shot by his neighbor. The shooting happened at a home on Berry Pine near Woodriver. But the victim's friends say his wife is actually thankful that armed neighbor was around.

Deputies say a neighbor rushed to rescue a woman from a fight on Tuesday night, and now there are some questions as to whether that woman's husband should have even been near her.

Robert Orange said, "She said that he saved her life."

Orange and Alana Odom say they're good friends with Victor Daniel and his wife. Daniel was shot and killed outside a house on Berry Pine Tuesday night when a neighbor tried breaking up a brutal domestic fight. The couple's friends say the wife is thankful that neighbor ran to her aid.

"It was self-defense fully, that's what she's saying, that the man, he saved her life," Orange said.

Investigators say Daniel's wife told them she was being physically assaulted when a neighbor from a house rushed across the street to stop that attack. The wife told deputies Daniel quickly turned on the neighbor, hitting him in the head with a brick. That neighbor shot Daniel, killing him on the scene.

"It's unbelievable," Odom said. "It's hard to take in. It's still shocking to us."

Eyewitness News learned there's a history of violence between 44-year-old Daniel and his wife. Neighbors on Berry Pine say the couple was known to argue and fight.

Court records show Daniel was due in court the day after his death for assault/bodily injury of a family member and an emergency protection order was issued in the case for his wife.

"We told her that we are here for her, and if she wants us to stay, we'll stay as long as she wants us to," Odom said.

Now as friends continue helping Daniel's injured and grieving wife heal, it'll be up to a grand jury to decide if the neighbor who shot and killed the man acted in self-defense.

We've tried talking to folks at the house of the neighbor who owns the gun, but no one would comment on this investigation.

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