Two big retailers, Target and Best Buy, offering to price match items


First, it was Best Buy and now it is Target that is offering to price match items found on

"For me, being a mother of two, I think that would be good. Any way I can save money is great," said shopper Andrea Rainbow.

She says she typically does not scour the web for pricing discounts before heading to the store but that may change now.

"Now that I know about it, I might check it out," said Rainbow.

Target says it will price match items from,,, and The price matching from these websites begins November 1 and runs through December 16, just in time to lure holiday shoppers into the store.

"I would definitely use that. Anything right now with the economy the way it is, I would do anything to save a buck or two," said shopper Kylie Casey.

While shoppers we spoke with say they are eager to check out the price match policy, Melissa Buie is not so sure. She says she dumped brick and mortar stores a year ago.

"I do Christmas shopping online and everything because you know it comes straight to the house," said Buie.

She says she sees the benefit of online shopping, but having to pay for shipping is starting to add up. The price match policy could be enough to get her back into a checkout line.

"If they just started it now, I may go try it out and I probably would go back to the store, but yeah, I stopped going to the store completely," Buie said.

Target will also price match its own website. If you see it cheaper on, the store will honor the lower price.

So what's behind the move? Stores know that people use their smart phones while shopping to see if they can get a better price online, and retailers say they want to stop losing customers to those online retailers.

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