Victim finishes testimony in trial of ex-HPD officer accused of raping her last year


Up on the witness stand, the alleged victim broke down so many times the court was forced to recess. She alleges former Houston Police Officer Abraham Joseph handcuffed, then sexually assaulted her in the back of his patrol car last January. The defense claims the sex was consensual.

She was cross-examined for the third day on Wednesday, and again the defense pointed out small inconsistencies between her story now and her initial testimony.

The alleged victim explained, "I wasn't concentrating. I was just thinking about what had happened to me. I was remembering what had happened to me. I was really ill. Very ill. The most horrible day of my life."

"We had to take a look at each of the claims she had made and talk about the details that changed over time. It took a long time to talk about the details, but it was necessary," said defense attorney Nicole Deborde.

Wednesday's court proceedings were also interrupted several times as attorneys argued with each other over allowing evidence. Prosecutors also accused the defense of badgering the alleged victim. At one point, Judge Denise Collins threw up her hands and said, "Why does this feel like an Abbot and Costello skit? Is your head exploding? Mine is exploding."

"The judge could put this trial in a quicker motion, but she wants to give the defense an opportunity to present its case," said KTRK Legal Analyst Joel Androphy

He says all these delays will frustrate jurors.

"The jury obviously is going to get bored. they want to get through with this. they have work and this is interfering with their work. 10:43 who does this benefit? doesn't really benefit either side because it's not either side's fault," said Androphy.

Attorneys say it could be a week or longer before this case is sent to a jury.

Prosecutors say they still have 10 to 15 witnesses to call up, then it's the defense's turn to call up witnesses.

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