Armed lifeguards on patrol on Galveston Island

August 3, 2012 8:36:43 AM PDT
Lifeguards who are armed after becoming certified police officers are patrolling Galveston Island's seawall and beach this year.

The Galveston County Daily News reports though that the Galveston Island Beach Patrol lifeguard officers' main concern remains lifeguard duty and enforcing beach ordinances like a prohibition of alcohol.

Beach Patrol Chief Peter Davis says they want visitors to "have a safe and enjoyable experience."

Six officers were trained, but only two patrol at a time 10 months out of the year. Davis says December and January are reserved for training, maintenance and special projects.

This year's program cost $154,000, but because the officers are now trained, that number would drop to $126,000 next year if approved again by the Galveston City Council.